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FTC Association: Freedom The Cowgirlway

At the heart of our mission lies the FTC Association, a community dedicated to guiding you from the shadows into the light, from the depths to the heights—embracing the journey of rewriting your narrative. This is more than just a program; it's a transformative community where each member, including those who have triumphed over domestic violence, learns to master their inner dialogue and conquer life's challenges.

In FTC, we dive deep into essential skills for sustained growth and evolution. From battling anxiety spirals and breaking destructive patterns to fostering profound internal and external connections, we empower you to take control of your story and your mind. Our approach is hands-on and holistic, ensuring that you not only face but also overcome the obstacles that stand in your way to success.

Through expert guidance, peer support, and actionable insights, we facilitate your personal and communal evolution. Here, we celebrate each step forward in your journey, encouraging you to seize control, connect deeply, and continue pushing towards all that you are destined to become.

​Join FTC, and step into your power. Rewrite your story, reclaim your life, and rise to the heights you were meant to reach.

DVVAS Community

In the silent shadows where domestic violence festers, DVVAS stands as a beacon of change. Our mission is clear: to rescue, heal, and empower. We are not merely offering refuge; we are forging pathways to new beginnings. Together, we challenge the darkness, illuminating the harsh realities and pushing towards a world where such violence is unfathomable.

Our community is a gathering of warriors, champions who believe eradication of domestic violence isn't just a cause—it's their calling. Every voice in our ranks strengthens our fight against this hidden epidemic, shaping public perception and driving legislative reforms. We are dedicated to ensuring that survivors not only escape the cycle of abuse but thrive beyond it.

Join us. It's more than a donation—it's an affirmation of your commitment to wield real change. Be part of crafting a future where every home is a safe haven, and true freedom from domestic violence isn’t just imagined, but achieved.

​Embrace the mission. Transform lives. Let's redefine safety and justice together.

Alpha Omega Community

Welcome to Alpha Omega, where your fierce alpha spirit and nurturing omega essence converge to form an unstoppable force. This community celebrates the woman who commands with authority in her professional life and embraces her intrinsic nurturing power at home. Here, we champion the integration of your masculine and feminine energies, recognizing them as essential to your full expression.

You are a dynamic force, adept in the professional realm and equally profound in your personal engagements. Alpha Omega is crafted for the woman who doesn’t just live life—she defines it. Here, self-care is viewed not as a luxury, but as a vital practice for maintaining your exceptional vigor and balance.

Join us to explore the potent dynamics between your diverse energies, ensuring you stay empowered, balanced, and thriving. At Alpha Omega, we delve into self-care as an essential element of your routine, helping you manage your powerful pace with grace and confidence.

Embrace your power, cherish your dual nature, and be part of a sisterhood that fortifies your journey to living unapologetically full and balanced.