The First Step Towards True Freedom

The First Step Towards True Freedom

is not letting anything stifle the courage to step through the fear into the unknown 

At Freedom the Cowgirlway, a faith based nonprofit located in Texas, we understand that it isn't just about rescuing lives- it's about providing a safe space, therapeutic healing, and guidance to properly heal and empower domestic violence victims and survivors to break the chains and embark on their elevation evolution.

Why Expand?

At Freedom the Cowgirlway, we are dedicated to addressing a critical barrier that many victims and survivors face- the lack of immediate, safe housing and concern for their beloved pets. Our expansion aims to:

  • ​Provide temporary housing for women who are ready to leave abusive situations but find no immediate shelter options available.
  • ​Offer a sanctuary for their pets, ensuring that victims and survivors don't have to endure the heart-wrenching decision to leave them behind with the abusers.
  • ​Create a comprehensive support system that understands the unique challenges faced by domestic violence victims and survivors, including those related to their animal companions.

This expansion is not just about a building or its walls; it's about creating a refuge where fear and uncertainty are replaced with safety, compassion, and hope. We recognize that for many, like myself, the journey to freedom is hindered by the fear for the safety of the animals under our care. We aim to eliminate this obstacle, providing a path to recovery that includes every member of the family- paws and all.

Join us in breaking the cycle of abuse and creating a haven for domestic violence victims and survivors

Your Support Will Expedite a life-changing Difference

Donate today to help us provide immediate shelter, healing, and protection- ensuring no one faces the daunting journey to freedom alone. Together, we're not just expanding walls; we are expanding possibilities and empowering lives. 

​Take the first step towards true freedom- for everyone. Give the gift of safety and hope now.